[Talk-GB] Adding links to Wikidata (and Wikipedia?)

Andy Mabbett andy at pigsonthewing.org.uk
Fri Jun 13 11:14:31 UTC 2014

 It might be useful to give a couple of examples. We would link St
Paul's Cathedral to :


That, in turn has links to the Wikipedia articles about the cathedral,
in ~50 languages, It gives is the names of the cathedral in those
languages ("Katedralo Sankta Paŭlo" in Esperanto, or "Ardeaglais Naomh
Pól" in Gaelic not to mention names in languages with  non-Western
alphabets, like Japanese, Russian and Arabic). It links to an image;
and to the Wikimedia Commons category for hundreds more images. It
tells us that the building is made of Portland limestone, and in the
English Baroque architectural style (and links to Wikidata entities
for those terms, which similarly link to Wikipedia articles, and
more...). It includes links to entries in a number of other databases
and catalogues, ranging from VIAF to the Vatican library, and even
MusicBrainz (so we can get a list of recordings made there; and who
made them). And much more besides.

Even for a small church like St James, Handsworth (Birmingham), we have:


with Wikipedia links in two languages, the location of the church's
archives, the architect's name (again linking to a Wikidata entry and
thus Wikipedia biography), and the prospect of more data and links
being added with time.

All of this information is available, as open, linked data, via API
and RDF dumps, adding vast richness to our data in OSM, and providing
a great service to the re-users of our data.

On 8 June 2014 14:44, Andy Mabbett <andy at pigsonthewing.org.uk> wrote:
> A year or so ago, I raised a proposal for a bot to add links from OSM
> entities, to the equivalent entities in Wikidata. Details are at:
>    https://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/User:Pigsonthewing/Wikipedia
> While there was some interest, things haven't moved very far (I'm not
> a coder, so am reliant on others).
> To make a more manageable project, we could perhaps run the job just
> for the UK (or even a subset of that); and perhaps for a subject of
> topics (starting with churches, say, or bridges, or railway stations,
> or whatever). Once success is demonstrated, it could then be
> replicated for more topics; and in other territories.
> Can anyone assist? How can we increase community buy-in?
> --
> Andy Mabbett
> @pigsonthewing
> http://pigsonthewing.org.uk

Andy Mabbett

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