[Talk-GB] [OSM-talk] Fwd: Adding links to Wikidata (and Wikipedia?)

Rob Nickerson rob.j.nickerson at gmail.com
Tue Jun 17 22:06:05 UTC 2014

>To continue your example, there could be "St Nicolas's", "St Nicolas's
>Church Gardens", and "St Nicolas's Gift Shop" all near each other. Which
>one should the wikipedia page "St Nicolas's Church" match?

Great to see support for the idea. I think it's been a bit of a complex one
that hasn't been grasped that well. In terms of your reply above, hopefully
none of these would be tagged as amenity=place_of_worship and therefore
would not be picked up by my example. If they *are* tagged as
amenity=place_of_worship then we have a bigger problem!!

A script that flags these up for human interaction would be a great start
(one for maproulette?) but I'm hoping under tight controls we will find
that the level of accuracy is high enough to consider automation. I'm not
here to force automation on anyone so lets just focus on a script that
flags potential matches for now.

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