[Talk-GB] OSM Analysis updated with May 2014 OS Locator data

Steven Horner steven at stevenhorner.com
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It's interesting and highlights a few problems local to me, some I had
buried my head in the sand temporarily because I don't know how to fix them
correctly. My biggest problem when tagging roads is what to name a road
when either side of the road is a different street. For instance the
analysis highlights "Myrtle Grove" as missing here:

Myrtle grove is the South side of the road labeled Chestnut Grove and
continues around to where the Road is labeled Elm Gardens. Almost all of
the streets in the estate are like this, where it is very misleading
because opposite sides of the road is a different named street. How should
this be mapped, I have steered clear of fixing it because I couldn't find
any guidance on how it should be labeled and technically is it even wrong.
The actual building footprints I have added the correct addresses to.

I use various OS products in my day job and interestingly OSM labels the
streets exactly the same as Vectormap Local does, anyone looking at either
OS or OSM maps would not be able to find Myrtle Grove. Another street where
I have always though was labeled wrong in the village is Roddymoor Road,
there is no street sign and I have near heard anyone refer to it as this.
The street on part of this road is not labeled (buildings are) it is East
Terrace and that's how anyone describing it or looking at signs would
describe it. Again OS do this the same which is probably why OSM has it
tagged like this.

All of this highlights that while OS Locator may have a difference and is
fantastic for finding potential problems, changing it so OS Locator
comparisons are 100% may not be the correct solution?

Any help appreciated and apologies if I should ask in a different list,
surely this is an incredibly common problem that I have somehow missed the
obvious solution to.


On Tue, May 13, 2014 at 2:24 PM, Shaun McDonald
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> ITO’s OSM Analysis has been updated with the latest OS Locator data. Most
> places have dropped out of the 100% completeness compared to OS Locator.
> There’s now 18 places which have less than 95% completeness.
> http://www.itoworld.com/product/data/osm_analysis/main
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