[Talk-GB] OSM Analysis updated with May 2014 OS Locator data

Steven Horner steven at stevenhorner.com
Thu May 15 08:18:08 UTC 2014

> Use the direction of the way, i.e. the direction in which the OSM
> object was drawn.
Sorry in my defense I had just woken up, clearly not fully. I should have
thought about the direction of the way. The direction isn't all that
obvious if using ID rather than JOSM.

> When I sometimes encountered it, I "solved" the problem by putting the
> different streetnames on the building addresses, and ignoring the
> issue on the way itself. I wasn't aware of "name:left" etc!
In my original example of Myrtle Grove, I had done the same as you and
added addresses to the buildings as is desirable anyway. The problem with
this is that when I then do a search for "Myrtle Grove, Roddymoor" nothing
is returned. Nominatim finds nothing. Try this with another street in the
village "High Terrace, Roddymoor" and it will be found because the road is
tagged not just the buildings. Yet to confuse things further type try "1
Ivy Crescent, Roddymoor" and the house is found yet the road isn't tagged
ideally which you could see by typing "Ivy Crescent, Roddymoor"

Other streets like "East Terrace, Roddymoor" don't return the street
because again only the building outlines are tagged.

This then lead me to test postcodes which I have added for some of the
streets where I knew them. Searching for those doesn't take me to the
actual street, which I was surprised about. Even though I tagged them ages
ago I had never tried searching postcodes. A search for East Terraces
postcode of "DL15 9QZ" returns nothing other than 1 house seperate from the
main street. Even though all of East Terrace have postcodes entered.

Maybe I remember now why I paused adding roads and buildings and stuck to
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