[Talk-GB] UK Postcodes

Robert Barr r.barr at peartrees.com
Mon May 19 06:43:38 UTC 2014

When we did a comprehensive analysis a few years back  75% of UK postcodes lie in a single street 'block' so they are on one side of a street between intersections.

A further 20% are in only two blocks, so they either cover two sides of a street or span an intersection.

The remaining 5% are in three blocks or more, so they are the various special cases.

If Someone could structure OSM into topological blocks (by populating a US TIGER style table) OS Code Point Open could be used to allocate postcodes to blocks, reducing the number of street segments the postcode may refer to a manageable number. All of this would help in inferring postcodes for properties, particularly once some building numbers were in place.

Bob Barr

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