[Talk-GB] UK postcodes on each side of the road

Lester Caine lester at lsces.co.uk
Mon May 19 07:35:55 UTC 2014

On 19/05/14 08:06, Marc Gemis wrote:
>      > and in this case, the street and other
>      > location data can be provided by tags on a street rather than
>      > duplicating that data unnecessarily on every building ...
>     Surely that’s what associatedStreet relations are for.

 > Does Nominatim already supports associatedStreet relations to pick up
 > the postcode ?
 > When I tried it 8 months ago, it just used it to find a street segment
 > (the first one in the relation). It then took the name of that street
 > segment as the street name for the address.

associatedStreet is just another unnecessary layer in the way it is 
currently defined. I see little point having the house identifier 
duplicated. Where a postcode uniquely defines a set of higher level 
relations then that is all we need. Where a postcode is not available, 
then a link to a street way has a place, but in many cases creating 
complex relations just makes the problem worse. Personally I would 
prefer to see editors providing adjacent objects as options for 
populating some of the tag elements, so if a postcode is identified it 
can be duplicated.

Nominatim does work nicely without the need for the added complication 
so I'd suggest at least in the UK we do not use 'associatedStreet' at all.

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