[Talk-GB] RFC-2 mechanical edit: UK shop names

Colin Smale colin.smale at xs4all.nl
Tue Nov 4 22:04:48 UTC 2014


Hang on a minute... the name tag should contain the most common name,
or, as the wiki puts it, the "common default name." There are other tags
for enthousiasts to store official names, legal names, alternate names,
brands, operators etc which, in a certain frame of reference, can also
be "correct" in their own way. What goes in the basic "name" tag should
be what "most people" would call it, and, implicitly, should be written
how "most people" would write it. IMHO "most people" would write Spar,
Asda, Brantano and only trademark junkies would write ASDA for example
(discounting people who would write any answer in all capitals anyway). 


On 2014-11-04 22:49, Lester Caine wrote: 

> On 04/11/14 20:01, Andy Street wrote:
> The 'name' is 'Brantano Footwear' unless there IS something different on the signage, and the 'operator' is 'Brantano (UK) Ltd'.
 Trade marks appear to use "Brantano" rather than "Brantano Footwear":
http://www.ipo.gov.uk/tmtext.htm [1] 

>> I'd avoid using 'brand' since even the web site makes a big thing of the brands that they supply, and Brantano is just one of many brands.
 brand="Brantano" (or "Brantano Footwear") is perfectly correct. You are
confusing the branding of the store with the branding of the products it

The original company name was Brantano Footwear when the first shops
were set up, and these have never been 'rebranded' back to just
Brantano, however there is a concerted use of Brantano as the brand name
for shoes produced by Brantano Footwear and sold in Brantano Footwear

But I'm sure an email to their press office would get a definitive
statement on that ...


[1] http://www.ipo.gov.uk/tmtext.htm
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