[Talk-GB] RFC-2 mechanical edit: UK shop names

Colin Smale colin.smale at xs4all.nl
Wed Nov 5 07:20:30 UTC 2014


I'm glad you say you agree Lester, but to me, the words "common default
name" imply some level of consensus, not the subjective opinion of an
individual mapper. I see issues here which we should not conflate; on
the contrary, we should address them in order, as they form a hierarchy.

Firstly, should there be (as I contend) some objective consensus-based
normalised value for "names" 

Secondly, how does the community work out what that value should be 

Thirdly, (how) do we backfit that value into existing data 

Fourthly, (how) do we encourage the use consensus value in preference to
what "Joe Mapper" might think 

As compliance with "rule 4" cannot be ensured, we can apply "rule 3"
periodically to tidy things up. 

There are people who object to "rule 1", "rule 2" seems to be a war of
attrition. The arguments about "rule 3" are polarised into "camps", and
"rule 4" is at the whim of tool developers who decide what "assistance"
to offer based on their personal preferences and the feelings of the

We live in a free society, and OSM is possibly more free than most. But
even in a free society, there need to be rules and limits to safeguard
the good of the society as a whole. Let us not act out a certain novel
which comes to mind, but have a shared idea of what "data quality" means
and find the right balance of measures to work together towards that. 


On 2014-11-04 23:54, Lester Caine wrote: 

> On 04/11/14 22:04, Colin Smale wrote:
>> Hang on a minute... the name tag should contain the most common name, or, as the wiki puts it, the "common default name."
> Totally Agree Colin ...
> The name tag should not be subjected to a 'mechanical edit' to change
> what has been entered by a local mapper, so please vote against this
> proposal on principle.
> The 'discussion' on Brantano Footwear is a particular element of that
> edit which would change what IS on the local signs, "because the second
> line is simple is description of the shop", which is what I'm objecting to.
> No problem with the other 'documentary' tags, it's just the name tag
> which is contentious here.
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