[Talk-GB] Allegedly named motorways

SomeoneElse lists at atownsend.org.uk
Tue Nov 18 23:06:30 UTC 2014

There seem to be quite a few GB motorways in OSM with names, and some of 
those names don't look very plausible.  For example, there's:


This is the M4 past Heathrow and apparently it is named the "Chiswick to 
Langley Special Road".  That name seems to originate here:


It's possible that this name was used as a description of the original 
development project, but I've never heard it used as an actual _name_ 
for this section of M4.

According to "musical chairs", the local authority don't think that it 
has a name either:


There's a similar issue a bit further out, the "Slough-Maidenhead By-Pass":


Again that sounds like a description; I've never seen that sign on the M4.

The M27 is allegedly the "South Coast Motorway"


It certainly didn't have signs up saying that the last time that I was 

A welsh stretch of M4 is apparently named "Mr":


Obviously some names ARE in common use:


(and a selection of bridges, and also bits of A1M could plausibly still 
be thought of as "Great North Road").

The overpass query, by the way, is:


I'm sure there are others out there that I haven't found yet.

Can anyone think of a valid source for "Chiswick to Langley Special 
Road", "Slough-Maidenhead By-Pass", "South Coast Motorway", or "Mr" as 
names?  If not (and if people agree) I'll change the relevant "name" tag 
to "description" (so that nothing gets lost - except for "Mr" which is 
surely just a typo).  If any is in any sense a valid name but isn't 
signed I can set "name:signed=no" as per 
http://www.openstreetmap.org/way/32826117 so that at least data 
consumers can filter out "not-real" names.



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