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We should not blindly assume that the ordered way as described on the wiki
is right. It may be entirely logical and reasonable but it might not reflect
the local situation on the ground. I've started a Birmingham related thread
on the west mids list in order that those of is with a detailed knowledge of
Brum can work through and see whether any of the "place" objects need
adjustment. Many were put in as they are many years ago so it's good to have
a look again. It's not about tagging for the renderer or even tagging for
logic. It's just tagging for the real world.





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Lets put some clarity on this.

a) they are not big edits. They are a handful of nodes.
b) "advice now given in the wiki" and "self-appointed wiki editors" implies
that suddenly some rouge wiki editor changed something that in general the
OSM community doesn't agree with. Suburbs are well established. In fact that
description line is over 3 years old! And from that pages inception in
September 2006 there is a similar line of text about not using village, etc
and using suburbs, etc. Even for someone that doesn't like change it is
hardly a rapid, sweeping one.

To be honest I have never noticed (and have mapped plenty in London) before
but it sounds like the reasons to keep it as is for, Peckham as a village or
whatever, is a clear case of mapping for the renderer.

Maybe we should also look at how other large international cities have
mapped these areas.

I am all for changes some/many/all of these to a more correct and modern
(well post 09/2006) standard.


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Subject: [Talk-GB] Suburbs in London/Brum - big edits

Hello there,


As somebody who dislikes change, I was slightly horrified to see these





The user has changed a whole lot of places within London and Birmingham that
were tagged as town / village / hamlet / etc. to place=suburb. He appears to
be following the advice now given on the wiki, that:


"Areas of a town/city should not be tagged with place=town, place=village or
place=hamlet. These should only be used for distinct settlements."




Apart from the fact that I cannot stand it when the work of self-appointed
wiki editors leads to somebody making sweeping edits of others' work, I also
really don't like losing the hierarchy of place implicit in Wimbledon being
marked as a town, Forest Hill a village, Belleden a hamlet, and so on, and
them all just becoming 'suburb'. Apart from the fact that many places in
London were historically towns in their own right, they are often also
regarded as town centres.


But should we swallow this and move to the use of


If so, I'd like to do this properly, instead of the process that this user
has gone through to just make everything 'suburb'.








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