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Gail Ramster gail.ramster at network.rca.ac.uk
Thu Nov 20 12:53:15 UTC 2014

Hi Ben 

Thanks for mentioning the toilet map. Harry our developer at Neontribe told me about the mention (I have now subscribed to the list). 

Sorry about the lack of mention in the Guardian article. Articles in the Mirror and Telegraph have been more faithful to the press release and OpenStreetMap is mentioned.  



Thank you OSM-ers for locating toilets. We couldn't have made a map without OpenStreetMap data  as the location data from councils was largely useless.  


Gail Ramster
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The Helen Hamlyn Centre for Design

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Subject: [Talk-GB] Great British Public Toilet Map
Date: Thu, 20 Nov 2014 11:39:36 +0000
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Hello all,

The Great British Public Toilet Map [was launched yesterday] providing
details of over 8,000 public toilets in the UK including council
facilities, train stations, community toilet schemes as well as
shopping centres and libraries.

An alarming finding from the research by Royal College of Art Helen
Hamlyn Centre for Design, is just how few public toilets are now

Article on launch (OSM not mentioned):

Map (using OSM data and Mapnik layer):


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