[Talk-GB] Great British Public Toilet Map

Philip Barnes phil at trigpoint.me.uk
Thu Nov 20 15:38:29 UTC 2014

On Thu Nov 20 2014 15:22:52 GMT+0000 (GMT), Harry Harrold wrote:
> Hi Phil,
> Thanks for taking the trouble to have a look round!
> >>> http://greatbritishpublictoiletmap.rca.ac.uk/
> > Looking at the map locally I can see that access tags have been
> > omitted,  those in Shrewsbury railway station are behind the ticket
> > barriers hence should have been tagged as access = customers,  as
> > should those inside a local national trust property.
> It's a fascinating question, is that, I think.
> Apologies if this gets a bit long-winded...
> Our record for that toilet is at 
> http://greatbritishpublictoiletmap.rca.ac.uk/loos/5414a07454c2f7e947d3dbd6
> That record is made of multiple reports, each of which we show in a data 
> panel in the site UI.
> The report of the loo we fetch from OSM is shown at 
> http://gbptm-api.herokuapp.com/reports/5414a074115902773aa8f24d - and it 
> and the record for the same node at 
> http://www.openstreetmap.org/node/256041724 has only the tags amenity 
> and toilet as you noticed. On the basis of that report alone, we'd show 
> that toilet as public.
> The report we have from the National Rail Enquiries data shown at 
> http://gbptm-api.herokuapp.com/reports/54653da5115902773aab04e0 has 
> "access":"public". On the basis of those two reports, we'd show the 
> toilet as public.
> We've since had a couple of anonymous reports through the site UI - 
> example at 
> http://gbptm-api.herokuapp.com/reports/546df03827780c020033c3bd - that 
> do tell us "access":"customers only" for that loo. So at the moment, we 
> have that toilet tagged for customers only.
> I _suspect_ purely on the basis of a gut feel that the toilet is 
> available to customers or the general public at the decision of the 
> member of staff crewing the ticket barrier at the time, such that 
> sometimes a ticketless member of the public will be nodded through to 
> use the facilities, and sometimes they will not. Again, with no direct 
> experience of that station, I imagine that we'll get reports of 
> "access":"customers only" and of "access":"public" from different people 
> and they will all be accurate for that person, at that time.
> In that case - our current behaviour is accurate, I think, in that we 
> are causing as little disappointment as possible.
> Which local national trust property are you looking at, may I ask?

I was looking at Attingham Park, http://osm.org/euxW0~1KQ-

Phil (trigpoint )
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