[Talk-GB] OSM University of Liverpool exercise (or 200 free(ish) volunteers)

SomeoneElse lists at atownsend.org.uk
Thu Nov 27 21:40:10 UTC 2014

On 27/11/2014 13:50, Nick Bearman wrote:
> and what areas in Liverpool would benefit most from the students 
> contribution. Currently, giving the time available to the students, I 
> would be thinking of a desk-based digitisation exercise, but this can 
> be flexible.

Based on a fleeting visit to Liverpool earlier in the year, I'd agree 
with most of what's already been said.

Certainly the areas outside the centre of town are less well mapped than 
the centre; even just looking out towards Wavertree most looks still 
just traced from aerial imagery rather than a record of what's there 
(though I notice that the construction areas east of the University that 
weren't marked when I was there previously are now mapped, so there's 
clearly lots of ongoing work there).

A couple of thoughts spring to mind:

o One is to try and get your students to map their home area or some 
other area that they're familiar with rather than the centre of town.  
Even just using aerial imagery they're going to be able to say things 
like "hey! I know that there's a footpath joining these two roads" or 
"there's a gate on that alley that stops you getting through".

o Another is to think perhaps about particular topics rather than 
particular areas - such as the project in the West Midlands to get 
listed buildings (and more) mapped:


A topic might also be something like "mapping all the restaurants in 
Chinatown from food hygiene data" or "mapping the historical remains of 
the former Liverpool docks" - but there are lots of other possibilities.



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