[Talk-GB] Lloyds TSB

David Woolley forums at david-woolley.me.uk
Fri Oct 3 08:40:34 UTC 2014

On 02/10/14 09:30, Ed Loach wrote:
> It has been over a year now since I first mentioned
> http://www.loach.me.uk/osm/LloydsTSB/
> here, and there are still lots of branches that haven't been remapped,
> so I thought I'd mention it again.

The basic problem you have is that there are a lot more people 
interested in first time mapping of high streets than there are those 
interested in maintaining them.  In my view, high street churn is so 
high that if you don't re-survey at least every two to three months 
there will be a lot more wrong than just the name of one bank.

I'd suggest that the median time to repair for  a high street feature is 
similar to the average time to first mapping, i.e. somewhat over five 
years.  That is especially true if the repair doesn't happen within the 
first couple of months, i.e. no-one has taken on maintenance responsibility.

Also people will map and maintain a local high street, then move to a 
different area.

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