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Use of the Notes feature is good for this sort of thing. If someone flags a known change, even if it's just one unit in a retail centre, it’s a good prompt for a local mapper to going around and update all the unit changes. I agree with you that retail change is rapid and even 2 to 3 months is sometimes too long to catch substantial changes. I've got shops in the centre of Sutton Coldfield that have change use 3 time in the last few years.

Post offices are one aspect that is still changing regularly with many offices closing and moving inside convenience stores, supermarkets and other retail units. This week I've had to move the Sutton Coldfield postoffice and its internal post box from its original home a few doors down to WH Smith.

Just google "post office relocation" and similar and you will see the extent of the changes PO countrywide. This is the list of those that have already or are due to move to a local WH Smiths:

Boston, Cannock, Carmarthen, Hastings, Kidderminster, Kings Heath, Perth, Southport, Stockton on Tees, Sutton Coldfield, Swiss Cottage, Telford, Uckfield, Wallington, West Wickham, Witney


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On 02/10/14 09:30, Ed Loach wrote:
> It has been over a year now since I first mentioned
> http://www.loach.me.uk/osm/LloydsTSB/
> here, and there are still lots of branches that haven't been remapped, 
> so I thought I'd mention it again.

The basic problem you have is that there are a lot more people interested in first time mapping of high streets than there are those interested in maintaining them.  In my view, high street churn is so high that if you don't re-survey at least every two to three months there will be a lot more wrong than just the name of one bank.

I'd suggest that the median time to repair for  a high street feature is similar to the average time to first mapping, i.e. somewhat over five years.  That is especially true if the repair doesn't happen within the first couple of months, i.e. no-one has taken on maintenance responsibility.

Also people will map and maintain a local high street, then move to a different area.

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