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Fri Oct 3 12:27:08 UTC 2014

On 03/10/2014 09:40, David Woolley wrote:
> On 02/10/14 09:30, Ed Loach wrote:
>> It has been over a year now since I first mentioned
>> http://www.loach.me.uk/osm/LloydsTSB/
>> here, and there are still lots of branches that haven't been remapped,
>> so I thought I'd mention it again.
> The basic problem you have is that there are a lot more people 
> interested in first time mapping of high streets than there are those 
> interested in maintaining them.  In my view, high street churn is so 
> high that if you don't re-survey at least every two to three months 
> there will be a lot more wrong than just the name of one bank.
That sounds about right to me - there's probably something that changes 
in that sort of timescale.

> I'd suggest that the median time to repair for  a high street feature 
> is similar to the average time to first mapping, i.e. somewhat over 
> five years.  That is especially true if the repair doesn't happen 
> within the first couple of months, i.e. no-one has taken on 
> maintenance responsibility.

This might be useful for measuring that:


(if you don't mind the adverts, that is).  Not sure where I saw it - 
probably on a mailing list somewhere, so apologies if it's old news.



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