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Hi All,

NLS have been a keen contributor to OpenStreetMap and continue to provide
historic maps for use in both OpenStreetMap and OpenHistoricMap. Their most
recent updates include 1:1,250 scale covering central London and Edinburgh
(1940s-60s) which include house numbers, and 1:10,560 maps for England &
Wales (1888 to 1913).

Although these maps are all historic they are still of significant benefit
to OpenStreetMap especially in regards to public rights of way mapping
(with survey), names of hills, streams, etc, and checking the house numbers
that you have collected via survey.

I've copied a recent email from Chris at NLS below.


p.s. If you find these maps useful, please tell me how you're using them so
I can feed this back to Chris at the NLS.


We’ve put several thousand more maps online in the last few months – most
notably of interest for the OSM community an ongoing project to scan and
georeference 1940s-1960s large-scale Ordnance Survey maps of Great Britain.

Our initial pilot projects have been of Edinburgh and London at 1:1,250
scale – there are sheets and georeferenced layers available at:
http://maps.nls.uk/os/national-grid/index.html However, we have definite
plans to move on and georeference the greater London area, moving on
afterwards to the south-east of England in the next few months.

In Edinburgh, we have been collaborating with Eric Grosso and other OSM
folk. Eric is using our 1950s Edinburgh layer as a way of creating a set of
OSM historical layers for Edinburgh as part of the MESH project:
http://www.mesh.ed.ac.uk/ This is a different approach from the NYPL
vectoriser, but with a similar aim – essentially using good modern OSM
content as a base for working back in time with good georeferenced
historical mapping.

In August we also put online a layer of Ordnance Survey six-inch (1:10,560)
georeferenced mapping for England and Wales for a century ago

As you know, we are always keen for our layers to be used by the OSM
community – I’ve added all these new layers and tile addresses to the OSM
wiki page: http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/National_Library_of_Scotland

As always too, if you think any of these new georeferenced layers would be
of interest to others in the OSM community, I’d be very grateful if you
could pass details on.
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