[Talk-GB] Vandalism in London

David Woolley forums at david-woolley.me.uk
Sat Oct 4 09:14:24 UTC 2014

On 04/10/14 09:57, David Woolley wrote:

> This was done with iD which has a bad reputation for collateral damage,
> and without a sensible commit comment, it is difficult to work out what
> was intended, but I suspect that this relatively new editor is not
> actually malicious.  That might have to be revised if you can work out
> the intent of the edits and it becomes clear that they had malicious
> intent.
Looking a bit more carefully, it does look like this changeset is a mass 
deletion with no associated real edits (the only changes are the 
resulting fixups to relations), so, if not malicious, it is probably a 
mistaken attempt at personal mapping.

Looking at one of the deleted ways, woodpecker_repair has considered it 
to be accidental.

The big problem with relations is that they tend to be subject to 
frequent edits, so reverts may fail, because they would take out a 
subsequent legitimate change.  In this particular case, the same person 
probably damaged relations in multiple edits, making only their very 
last change affecting the relation revertable.  Maybe there should be 
some super revert tool that takes a list of changesets, and will revert 
objects that were last changed by any of them.

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