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Stuart Reynolds stuart at travelinesoutheast.org.uk
Sun Oct 5 16:58:59 UTC 2014

This is digressing somewhat into a discussion about NaPTAN but before I get into that point, if I can just pick up on the comment about leaving things in because it shows a history of what the data looked like. Sorry, but OSM IS a dynamic data set and doesn't AFAIK have the facility to keep a history in that sense. Personally I would not want to see a road alignment that no longer existed- it would be clutter.

On NaPTAN, deleted stops are those that have been removed and should correspondingly be removed from OSM. However there is evidence that some authorities delete stops simply because no service calls there-but that is wrong. Suspended stops on the other hand should rightly remain in the data.

CUS stop types are the custom and practice ones that have no physical infrastructure. In the case where a stop says "stops both sides" then there should be one MKD (marked) stop and one C US in NaPTAN. Unfortunately it doesn't always happen like that.

If you find examples you consider to be erroneous then please DM me and I will try and pass it on to three people concerned and/or SeT who look after the standard. Just don't inundate me, ok :-)


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Could I ask please the logic behind retaining references to a stop that
does not exist?

In rural area there are places that buses stop but no physical stop. And in Malvern there are examples of where this only a physical stop on one side of the road (it says both directions) but NaPTAN has two stops.

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