[Talk-GB] Deletions and newbie editors

Lester Caine lester at lsces.co.uk
Sun Oct 5 20:00:17 UTC 2014

On 05/10/14 17:58, Stuart Reynolds wrote:
> This is digressing somewhat into a discussion about NaPTAN but before I
> get into that point, if I can just pick up on the comment about leaving
> things in because it shows a history of what the data looked like.
> Sorry, but OSM IS a dynamic data set and doesn't AFAIK have the facility
> to keep a history in that sense. Personally I would not want to see a
> road alignment that no longer existed- it would be clutter.

None of the history would be displayed on the 'current' map, but
correctly handled objects that have yet to be constructed would have a
start date in the future and renderers could include or ignore them, and
historic material would have an end date set which the renderers would
also respect. A view of the data with any out of scope material
suppressed is easy to implement, but at present we still don't have a
reliable method of archiving material even if that involves transferring
it to a separate copy of the whole database which can be used by
historic rendering applications.

We are not asking 'current only' mappers to do anything as the detail is
already mapped, and there are a number of projects using archives like
the Library of Scotland scans to add a lot more historic material. A
large proportion if that history is being used on the current map to
fill in house numbers and other fine detail so the idea of two separate
databases simply does not make any sense going forward. The bulk of the
additional data is simply adding the correct start date to already
mapped existing objects!

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