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Stuart Reynolds stuart at travelinesoutheast.org.uk
Mon Oct 6 09:20:36 UTC 2014

Can you help?

I have a problem with Stansted, and don't know how to go about sorting it. Fundamentally, it is drawn so that it looks nice cartographically, but there are no routeable connections between the rail station and the coach station, or up into the terminal building. So I need to add some in, but levels keep getting in the way.

The coach station is at ground level. Really ground level. Currently all the bays are shown, but behind the coach station there isn't a footpath, but there is a roof. Unsurprisingly, pedestrians cannot use roofs! I can put a footpath underneath that, though, so it isn't really a problem. The problem starts to come when you go into the terminal building, which you do just behind the coach station in a number of places (where the north-projecting bits of roof are).

For those of you who don't know Stansted, the terminal building sits atop a built up bank. So the entrance has all the appearance of being at ground level, as it is just like a mini hill, but is really at level 1, as can be seen if you view the terminal from the air side, with all of the baggage handling areas on the true ground floor. The entrances from the coach station go in at true ground, there are then footpaths/ramps/lifts/escalators down to the rail station at level -1, and up to the terminal building. The terminal building, though, is currently set to level 0 and I am loath to change it in case that makes it appear to be up in the air - and as I said, the air side of the terminal really does sit on the ground, and it is mapped as one building. The only part of the terminal that is currently mapped as level 1 is a passenger air bridge, which really is a walkway over a road. But it is a flat walk out of the level 0 terminal!

I don't want to break it, but I need to reflect the routing options, lifts, escalators, ramps, etc. But how should I enter these? As "visible" elements, or as hidden elements? And how should I show the tunnels from the ground level coach station under the terminal building as tunnels, and...

You can see why I am confused!

Many thanks

Stuart Reynolds
For traveline south east & anglia

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