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There isn't a foot=yes tag because that particular road isn't walkable. There are two at-grade zebras from the street outside, and a tunnel, that take you up into the bus station. Think of it like an airport - the bus road is like the airport tarmac and gates, and the bus station is like the terminal building, accessing the vehicles from inside.

Thanks to all.


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The more specific access tags take priority over the more general, so in your example access=no precludes all traffic, but bus=yes and psv=yes means buses and taxis are allowed.

See http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Key:access#Transport_mode_restrictions

I am surprised there is no foot=yes tag (or perhaps access=no should be motor_vehicle=no).


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Very quickly, if I have a road that is for bus/psv use, and is tagged like this:


does that mean that buses are, or aren't, allowed to use it? Currently the bus lane around Preston Bus Station is coded this way, but my contractor isn't treating it as a bus lane, and before I go and  hassle the contractor I thought I would check my understanding. I got the impression that access=no took everything out.



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