[Talk-GB] Confused over access...

David Woolley forums at david-woolley.me.uk
Sat Oct 18 17:40:46 UTC 2014

On 18/10/14 17:53, Lester Caine wrote:

> When referring to access rules signs will often say 'Buses and Taxis' or
> 'Buses Only' rather than 'PSV' simply because school buses may not hold
> PSV licences. So ARE there examples where 'PSV' is a valid restriction
> and has anybody issued school buses using the route with tickets;)  It
> is any use of 'psv' in relation to access which is of dubious provenance
> in OSM and even Taxi needs to be qualified where local rules add other
> limits such as only Black cabs in London.

In reality the real world is a lot more complicated than fits a simple 
set of tags model.  There is a road near me which can only be entered by 
"local buses" and bicycles, from one end, according to signage, although 
pedestrians are clearly allowed and there is little doubt that it is 
adopted.  More general traffic is allowed the other way, although the 
most obvious feeder is signed as destination only (I guess the other 
feeder is such a round-about route that they didn't think it worth 
signing a destination restriction).

I'd need to check, but I think the bus restriction is mapped as a turn 
restriction, which is how I think it is done on the ground, but the 
local element of the restriction is not coded.

I guess the local buses restriction really means only those operated by 
recognized operators, so one could argue that it actually private access 
for buses in the bus only direction (but public for foot and bicycle).

Splitting the carriageways would just be confusing, as there is no 
central barrier.

Bus stations tend to get coded as psv=yes (or maybe bus=yes) when they 
are probably only by prior agreement.

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