[Talk-GB] RFC Mechanical edit: shop=betting to shop=bookmaker for selected names

Dan S danstowell+osm at gmail.com
Thu Oct 23 13:08:05 UTC 2014

2014-10-23 11:16 GMT+01:00 SK53 <sk53.osm at gmail.com>:

> I have no particular objection to this mechanical edit. I would query
> whether it is that useful.

You make a good point that it's fairly easy for any non-trivial data
consumer to merge the two tags in their query. However, I'd say there are
two advantages, both for different audiences:

(1) the simplest of "simple-minded" queries are great a way in to reusing
OSM data. I did my first OSM analysis by querying for
amenity=pub. It was only later that someone pointed out it might have been
clever to try and drag in some amenity=bar as well! But the point stands.
If people can get started with using our data without having to analyse
histograms of tag combinations, that is valuable.

(2) mappers will benefit from seeing a single canonical tag used in
practice. If a mapper downloads an area and sees shop=betting, they may
remember shop=betting next time they tag, etc. I think we all soak up a lot
from seeing tagged objects in the editors.

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