[Talk-GB] Notes vs Fixme

David Woolley forums at david-woolley.me.uk
Fri Oct 24 13:19:42 UTC 2014

On 24/10/14 14:06, Dave F. wrote:
> Specific Q lots of these notes in my area are 'Incorrect speed limit.
> Reported speed limit is 40 mph' from 'anonymous'. Where is it 'reported'
> from. Is it being compared with another database?

There was a short burst of these a couple of months ago. They are very 
low quality data, more often wrong than right.  I suspect the people who 
injected them reacted to the resulting bad press.

More generally, I think notes only work if they can be cleared quickly. 
  There is a tendency for notes to accumulate and clog the user 
interface if they involve a lot of work ("outlines bad here", or "lots 
of shops missing", or if there is no clear test of completion of the 
work.  They also attract a lot of vanity mappings.  Whilst some of these 
can be summarily dismissed, a lot of them are not important enough to 
research with any priority over normal mapping of the area, so can end 
up cluttering the map for a long time (alternatively they get resolved 
to de-clutter the map, but with the result that abusing the notes system 
gets rewarded).

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