[Talk-GB] addressing (was addr:place)

Andy Street andy at street.me.uk
Mon Oct 27 01:04:03 UTC 2014

On Sun, 26 Oct 2014 22:41:56 +0000
Chris Hill <osm at raggedred.net> wrote:
> Addresses are allocated by Local Authorities, not Royal Mail. I use
> the address the LA recognise, plus the postcode which, AFAIK, Royal
> Mail do issue.

I was aware that LAs have a role in numbering and naming new streets
but I was unaware that they assigned full addresses.

Perhaps someone could take pity on this poor simpleton and explain how
this works. I've grabbed my GPS, wandered down "High Street" and added
a waymark outside number 10. When I get back home how do I go about
converting this data into a full address that I can add to OSM?

> Is this contentious?

No, just confusing! ;)

> How can you determine the postal town from a survey?

In my local area all addresses within a postcode district share the
same post town.


Andy Street

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