[Talk-GB] Mechanical shop edits (Was: RFC Mechanical edit: UK Shop Names)

Will Phillips wp4587 at gmail.com
Mon Oct 27 01:25:59 UTC 2014

> I just checked, and I touched 5 objects in the Nottingham area:
> shop=funeral_director to shop=funeral_directors
> shop=video to shop=music for HMV
> shop=hearing_aid to shop=hearing_aids
> shop=chocolatier to shop=confectionery (Thorntons)
> shop=car_repair;car_parts to shop=car_repair
> Could you indicate how these changes relate to the Nottingham tagging 
> scheme? Were all old tags seen as correct by your scheme?

My objection was never focussed on the specific changes you made in the 
Nottingham area. I did have serious concerns about changes you made in 
other places, already explained in my earlier messages. But most 
importantly, I objected to the fact you were making a series of 
mechanical edits without discussing it first. Your edits were in my view 
controversial, changing the shop and name tags as added by mappers on 
the ground. There is consensus that these sort of changes must always be 
discussed first.

There is no 'Nottingham tagging scheme' as such. My concern is shop 
categories shown on OSM Nottingham, and other such sites, can easily be 
wiped out by merging shop tags together. Your changes altering shop=tyre 
to shop=car_repair, suggested to me you might go on and remove other 
tags as well.

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