[Talk-GB] Any mappers in Colchester who can help map a road?

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Ed, hi

Thanks. For info, Essex County Council have told me that they “...can confirm that the NAR3 is still being worked on and is planned to be open before the P&R is open”. As you are aware, the P&R service is due to start 13th April, a week on Monday.

Given the short time before it is opening, does anyone object that I have marked the road as a standard tertiary highway? I need it to be available for routing in our system, as the P&R bus does NOT go along Boxted Road, but equally I don’t want to inconvenience anyone else by having “wrong” data in OSM.


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It isn’t open yet (at least when I last checked) – I’ve left the A12 where the park and ride is being built to the north of J28 and headed south to see if it was open. I’ve made a note where I amended the section to the south that was open (and still roadworks) when I last drove through:

Still closed yesterday according to this story in our local paper
and a temporary route will be used until the over-running roadworks is completed.

I subscribe to the local paper as well as follow them and a number of their reporters on Twitter, so when it does open I’ll go up there and get a GPS trace as I did the day J28 first opened (although anyone else local is welcome to try and get there first…)

Ed (Clacton-on-Sea)

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Are there any mappers in Colchester who could survey the new Northern Approach Road phase 3 to the east and south of the old Severalls Hospital? The proposed alignment is shown on OSM, but Google has it differently at the western end, and also shows a set of roads south of Colchester Rugby Club (NW of Mill Road, opposite Brinkley Grove Road) that are not on OSM.

Essex County Council need me to route a bus along it, so a) I understand from them that it is open and no longer under construction and will annotate OSM accordingly, and b) I am going to go with the alignment shown for the time being as it seems to align to a route map that I have been sent.

But clearly surveyed data would be better if we can get it, please!


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