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On 2 April 2015 at 21:36, Richard Fairhurst <richard at systemed.net> wrote:

> I'm on the other side of the world at the moment so this is only a brief
> sketchy reply.

"The other side of the world" - how vague - give us a lat/long !! ;)

My dad died in 1999 - so this is going to be a brief response. Equally

> My background in this is that I'm doing a little freelance
> work for CRT helping them improve their website maps.
> The principal content on the new CRT website maps is CRT's own GIS data:
> canal centrelines, locks, bridges and so on. It would be terrific to have
> this available for inclusion into OSM, particularly bridge names (where
> we're very weak), and I'm confident this will happen in due course.

I added a bridge name today and included the bridge number !

I think that's an entirely understandable decision on CRT's part, and if it
brings more visitors to the canals then I'm all for it - especially as
precedent (think cycling) suggests that dedicated boaters and towpath
walkers will then end up using apps and sites powered by OSM data. Of
course, before that happens we'll need to get our own house in order and
stop trying to reinvent lock-gate tagging for the 500th time in 10 years....

I'm thinking cycling. I'm thinking where's CRT's cycling map ? I'm looking
at OSM Brum and am noting all the canals I've cycled on that aren't
labelled as cycle routes.

It's not the tagging but the rendering that's the issue. A circle is not
very representative of a lock gate. 500 attempts over 10 years is no
surprise, is it. 'Icons' is just another issue on the list. Having said
that, I do love the new tree icon. It's encouraged me to plant trees all
over the place - makes the map look pretty.

Could I also perhaps suggest that some of the more rabid voices on this list
are not exactly brilliant ambassadors for OSM, and sometimes a more
considered approach would gain OSM more friends (hello, Mr pmailkeey).

Without doubt, far less damaging than finding 'location' in the 'wrong
place' and with the attitude I find here, I'm much less likely now to
correct, instead, I just delete.

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