[Talk-GB] Quarterly Projects Update

John Aldridge jpsa at jjdash.demon.co.uk
Fri Apr 3 16:55:09 UTC 2015

On 03/04/2015 15:55, Colin Smale wrote:
> So now instead of having two versions of the name (1. according to the
> council and 2. according to the sign) we are to have a third version,
> according to OSM?

That's not what I meant, unless I've misunderstood you.

There's the definitive name "according to the council", which I believe 
we can't use because it's copyright information (perhaps even 
inaccessible to the general public, I'm not sure). If it were to become 
available in the future I'd be quite happy for that to go in an 
official_name=* tag.

There's what appears on road signs, which is what I think OSM should be 
putting in name=*. Granted this principle can cause problems in cases 
like the one I described earlier where those signs are inconsistent with 
each other, but those are fairly rare and in the end, at least in the 
cases I've seen, rather unimportant.

There's also what appears on the Ordnance Survey OpenData maps, which 
might or might not match either of the first two. As I understand it we 
could legally copy this information into a third os_name (or 
ordnancesurvey_name) tag, but I don't see what that buys us.

> I am also thinking of our "conventions" with regard to
> punctuation and abbreviations (not to mention capitalisation), which
> lead to mappers not copying the sign verbatim into OSM but entering some
> kind of normalised version. If the sign is "gospel" we need to stop that
> as well.

Pedantically I agree with you, but it's not what's done, and I don't 
think it's worth changing.

> According to the National Street Gazetteer, the official source of
> street names is the local authority in their Local Street Gazetteer
> which they have to feed into the NSG. Is this the "other database" to
> which you refer?

Probably, I couldn't remember the details.


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