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To summarize:

Nobody likes to talk about waste, so euphemisms abound.
Past tagging has been all over the map, and the same tags were used in
Europe for dog_waste bins as well as motorhome dump points.

The basic styles of holding tank station seem to be:

   - elsan point (walk up dumping basin)(also called a CDP)
   - round drain (gravity drain hose : 3" in diameter in the USA)
   - pump-out (mechanical suction).


   - Gray water (usually)
   - Bilge water (rarely)
   - Black water (usually)
   - Black water but not gray water (occasionally)


   - Certain tank chemicals

Offering at the same location:

   - Rinse water which may not be potable.
   - Drinking water (amenity=water_point).
   - Drinking water (amenity=drinking_water).
   - Walk up toilets.

Access Rules:

   - From water or land, or in a few cases both.
   - Free, paid in advance, pay at the pump with coins or cards, or pay at
   the office.
   - Part of regional network or not (card key, payment card).
   - Accessible to overnight guests only, or to everyone.

Position may be:

   - Located on a dock next to waterway=fuel (often)
   - Located on a separate dock.
   - Located on land, even it only serves marine users.
   - Located at each camping pitch.
   - Located at a central location, with varying degrees of accessibility
   by large boats or motorhomes (often).
   - Unknown (many RV and Marina sites list dump services on their
   websites, but the exact location does not appear on the brochure or
   - Associated with a walk up toilet, or not.

Rendered by:

   - Opensea map, and nothing else prominent.

Marine fuel, and amenity=water_point are very similar.

A "chemical toilet" is something completely different in the USA.
A"porta potty" is a walk up toilet in the USA.
German facilities sport about a dozen designs of coin pay stations
incorporating a CDP and round drain into one unit, and sometimes a pumpout,
water point, and rinse hose for good measure.

So how do we get to the point where these facilities can be rendered, so a
campground map looks proper
when brought up on a smartphone?
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