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I'd echo this very pragmatic approach.  Don't forget that this list, nor any part of OSM, is King, if enough people tag establishments as greasy_spoon then it becomes a valid tag. Especially in the UK where everyone would know exactly what is meant by that term.

While, 4 is a low use of a tag, it is the use of a tag that tells us exactly what we can expect to be served there. In my opinion, 4 examples of excellence in OSM, a case of “just map what you see on the ground”



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cuisine=breakfast seems far too GB/US/CA centric.

There are places in Berlin which do all day breakfasts but certainly not of that sort; in most of SE Asia breakfast is likely to be some form of congee, and there plenty of such breakfast places in Hong Kong. 

Cuisine is inherently local, that's one of the great things about it.

When talking about bicycle tool stands, elsan_points, or toilets, I'd help lead the charge for a worldwide tag.

But for cuisine: it should reflect the richness of the area, especially since you can tag more than one:



Note the seeming USA equivalent is "dive".  Most, but by no means all, Diners are also dives.   So a Diner 

that's also a dive would likely feel fairly familiar, except without the tea.

There are many tags with low counts that have great potential.  Don't let greasy_spoon=4 put you off.
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