[Talk-GB] Odd highway=primary_link changes in gyratory systems

Paul Bivand paul.bivand at blueyonder.co.uk
Sun Aug 9 13:40:19 UTC 2015

Noticed some changes that I think odd that appear to derive from mapper 
urViator changing highway= primary to primary_link in a gyratory system in 
Strood. http://www.openstreetmap.org/changeset/33203852

As I understand the _link versions, these are for short parts of junction 
systems rather than substantial chunks of road in the sort of gyratory systems 
that traffic engineers surround town centres with.

What's evident on the standard rendering is the odd overlaying on the _link 
roads of joining roads. I'd have thought that having joining roads was pretty 
much a sign that _link was not appropriate. 

What do people think?

Paul Bivand (paulbiv)

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