[Talk-GB] Paths and Footways

Lester Caine lester at lsces.co.uk
Tue Aug 18 09:56:37 UTC 2015

On 18/08/15 09:46, Dan S wrote:
> I'm so fed up of the carping over the default map render (OSM-Carto).
> It's clearly a "contested resource" for our community. Was there ever
> much discussion about creating transparent overlays (e.g. a hiking
> overlay) on top of a minimal baselayer, so that we can "disaggregate"
> the thing and make it less of a focus for squabbles? I don't remember
> seeing discussion of overlays, but it would seem a good way for
> everyone to access as many or as few features as they wanted.

A base layer with contour information in one form or another has an
attraction, and overlay that with the information you need via vector
tile tools is becoming more practical? Certainly adding political and
other borders would be easier via that route, and may be more usable.

That the UK needs a local default in much the same way that France and
Germany have already gone is I think a given. What I am still trying to
work around is the easiest way of managing some areas of my own
rendering for which the accurate footpath detail is important. But while
the discussion here is on independent paths, my own interest is still
something I've covered before with adding safe footpath routes in
parallel with the road structure. Folding these down into simpler
rendering at larger scale is as much a macro/micro mapping problem, but
showing routes for walkers around here IS something that needs care. To
avoid what are - while physically accessible - less than safe walking
routes. There are safe and accessible footpaths bypassing the major
trunk roads, but currently the trunk routes - which have no footpaths
are still provided by the routing software :(

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