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Brian Prangle bprangle at gmail.com
Mon Aug 24 18:23:30 UTC 2015

Hi everyone

At mappamercia we're collaborating with Birmingham City Council to map
their urban traffic control management systems (e.g linking together
traffic signals; traffic sensor positions; and lanes being monitored.)

Once we've got the data tagged suitably and we've added the data to a pilot
junction system, it will be used to test build a prototype application
which will eventually be a platform for public display of live traffic
flows and potentially used for asset management. The overall programme is
marketed as part of the move towards "Smart Cities" and as an early
proof-of-concept for sensor networks that will increasingy be part of the
"internet-of things". All of which score highly for buzzword bingo, but
more importantly for attracting funding.

Naturally we're delighted to be faced with a new challenge and to be
working with  Birmingham City Council. Locally we've examined the UTC data
and systems logic with City Council staff, discussed it amongst local
mappers and have produced a tagging schema and partially completed an
initial test edit with BCC highway engineers to see if it fits. Once we're
happy with the pilot and software  proof-of-concept BCC will enter the
remainder of the data.

We've documented it on the wiki
<https://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Mappa_Mercia/UTC> and would appreciate
any constructive comments, particularly as other councils might want to do
similar things in the near future and the schema might need  to scale up
beyond a local Birmingham initiative. You'll need to invest some time and
brain capacity to get to grips with it.
We've made it verbose at this early stage on the basis it's easier to omit
things later than to add them in to a structure that might not be able to

NB mapping this stuff can ONLY be done with access to local authority UTC
asset data AND the assistance of a highway engineer(trying to make sense of
which cut lines for the induction loops in the tarmac approaching traffic
signals are which system, whether they're live and which signal they link
to needs one of these experts). Whether other councils will want to engage
the local OSM community or just do it on their own remains to be seen


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