[Talk-GB] First UK/GB OpenStreetMap group meeting - 17th December at 8pm

Rob Nickerson rob.j.nickerson at gmail.com
Sun Dec 6 19:25:33 UTC 2015

Hi all,

Early this year I published a survey asking about “a UK/GB OpenStreetMap
group”. 101 people filled it in and many contacted me to say they liked the
idea. Encouraged by the this and my local Mappa Mercia group, we feel the
time is right to start the group. To get us going Wikimedia UK have kindly
offered us their teleconference facility for our first meeting – 8pm on
17th December. I've used teleconferencing facilities in the past for State
of the Map 2013 and find that they work well (no text/chat facility ensures
that there is only one conversation going on - the one being heard by

Survey results:

To get us going we will need a few people to commit time over the next 6
months. The roles we need are set out below and we will need to initially
fill them and then, once we have a constitution in place, we will need
volunteers to stand for election. These roles will be needed irrespective
of whether decision making lies with the membership or an elected board.

   - Chair – to provide leadership and ensures the group functions properly
   - Treasurer – to organise the finances of the group. Initially this will
   mean setting up our bank account.
   - Secretary/Membership secretary – to keep the register of members up to
   date (indeed to set on up in the first place), to ensure that voting
   procedures are carried out in accordance to our agreed policy. There is
   potential for this to be two separate roles.

We will also need an initial working group to provide ideas and discussion.
This group can also support the aforementioned roles in small discrete

Please let me know if you can help with setting up the group and/or whether
you would be willing to stand for election once the constitution is
established. I will share the telephone number and login PIN closer to the


*Rob*p.s. Busy on 17th December? No worries. Send me you comments and I
will make sure they are shared.
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