[Talk-GB] import / mech edit of some Aberdeen city council open data

Jo Walsh metazool at fastmail.net
Sun Feb 8 11:31:48 UTC 2015

On Sun, Feb 8, 2015, at 07:04 AM, Jo Walsh wrote:
> Ugh, okay, we had it from the horse's mouth so to speak that the license
> on the new CKAN catalogue would be OGL.
> I will sanity check this today.

Sadly, the horse is over-optimistic, so to speak, on this topic.

Aberdeen City Council plans a re-launch of its open data site, backed by
a CKAN catalogue ( http://ckan.org/ )
and the same data will re-appear there, all re-licensed under the OGL.
This is on a "soonish" timescale, so any attempt at an import, manual or
otherwise, will have to wait until there is 150% license interop

Ah well, worth socialising this issue on the list anyway I hope, sorry
to take up time pre-emptively, 


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