[Talk-GB] Survey: A "UK/GB OpenStreetMap group"?

Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Mon Jul 13 20:52:15 UTC 2015


On 07/13/2015 08:08 PM, Chris Hill wrote:
> I don't think anyone has a veto. Why would it harm you if this went ahead?

I think I can see why Dave F might have an issue with the whole thing.
Rob has phrased it as a question: "A UK/GB group?" and also in his
message he says "... should a group be set up".

All this makes it sound like Rob was trying to gauge interest in setting
up a UK/GB group with his survey, and frankly when I clicked on the link
(not plannig to vote obviously as I'm not in the UK - just noisy!) I
expected there to be a question 1 of "do you think a separate UK group
would be a good idea y/n".

But there was no such question, and the whole survey does indeed sound
like a decision to form such a group had already been taken.

Which wouldn't even be a problem but there's a slight dissonance between
the way the survey is written ("how would you like your UK/GB group?")
and the way it was announced ("perhaps we should have a UK/GB group").

Just saying.

As for a "veto", strictly speaking everyone can set up their own
OpenStreetMap group but actually incorporating one under that (or a
similar) name does require the assent of the OpenStreetMap Foundation
who hold the trademark. Not that the OSMF have made a big deal about
this in the past, but forward looking the OSMF hopes (or dare I say
expects) that regional/national groups sign up as local chapters. And
that provides for a tiny little chance of a veto which the OSMF would be
forced to exercise if, for example, both Dave and Rob were to set up
competing UK/GB OpenStreetMap groups ;)


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