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Lester Caine lester at lsces.co.uk
Mon Jul 27 07:06:07 UTC 2015

With the discussion on a more self contained 'UK' group I'd like to
highlight one area that is becoming perhaps more urgent for some of us,
the idea of a UK style tile set.

With the current push to make the default mapping more 'google like',
retaining the UK colour coding for roads is something I feel many of us
wish to retain, but there is no need to force that on the rest of the
world. While I've not actually looked, and it's not easy to find them, I
have seen links to other 'local' styles and this is exactly what OSM is

Some aspects of the proposed changes do make sense, but I feel that
comparisons with google are a little unfair since google still does not
nearly as much low level detail anyway. A single style is never going to
be ideal, and so I'm actually thinking that two or three base tile sets
actually makes a lot more sense. Keeping the UK road colours is the
obvious starting point,

The other area that I am looking to roll back is some of the agresive
changes to town centres. I'm still getting complaints about where names
now appear on shops, or rather on adjacent shops and tidying this up
probably applies world wide, but the much more abstract layout of
buildings in many UK towns does not lend itself to a style that assumes
a more geometric layout.

Finally landmarks such as some of the viaducts and other now 'retasked'
structures which are perhaps more prevalent in the UK are an area where
a more local treatment may be more appropriate?

That the world map is going to evolve on a more generic basis is a given
so I feel now is the time to be looking at a more local alternative. At
one time I did have my own tile server and OSRM routing service running
but it needs more resources than I can put up on my own to be more
generally available. I have space on a site with a large pipe, but I
would prefer to see perhaps a more distributed model where several sites
mirror the same tile set and hopefully historic overlays ... another
area that needs a little more locally based support.

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