[Talk-GB] Quarterly Project "All things delivery-related" - an update

Rob Nickerson rob.j.nickerson at gmail.com
Tue May 5 22:40:52 UTC 2015

>Robert Whittaker has an excellent site
><http://robert.mathmos.net/osm/postboxes/> monitoring OSM data on postboxes
>in the UK. Here you can see progress (even a league table of who's
>contributing). From the history graph you can see there's been an increase
>in activity since the project got going. Perhaps Robert might provide some
>data analysis about the effect of the project.
>Enter a postcode and you can find all the missing and incorrect postboxes

Wow there are loads of postboxes still missing. Wouldn't it be great if
there was a
smartphone app that you could load missing points in to and it would tell
you about
them as you travel around. It would be like a guide to where to go mapping!

Geocaching for postboxes anyone?

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