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Tue May 12 09:11:46 UTC 2015

On 12/05/2015 09:52, Bob Kerr wrote:
> On residential roads where there has been a ref=**** added is being 
> rendered on Mapnik. Is this something new since I have not been 
> checking recently. This is all over the highlands
> https://www.openstreetmap.org/#map=15/57.5695/-4.4282

I don't think that it's a rendering change but just that someone has 
decided to apply internal unsigned council-generated refs to these 
roads.  If they're not signed I'd have thought that "official_ref" was 
more appropriate here - if someone wants to render the data they can, 
but it's no use to general map users.

It's been mentioned before:




The roads you link to have been like that for nearly a year:


Where "C road refs" (that aren't signed, and aren't available from a 
suitably-licensed source) have appeared locally to me I've removed them 
though I'm aware (see the recent C-roads discussion on this list) that 
they sometimes are signed - I've seen them myself.  With these "U" refs 
I'd suggest that local mappers discuss with the person adding them 
whether it's the best way to store the data.  It may be that they really 
are signed usable references - not just something made up in a council 
office and never used outside of there.



PS:  UK taginfo showing use of various "ref" tags:


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