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We certainly could do with much more input to improve a whole load of
information in Wales. From two recent visits it is clear that much of the
road network extant on OSM originated from NPE maps and similar. There are
substantial improvements which can be made just be re-aligning roads to
existing GPS tracks. Furthermore, on Anglesey at least, many roads classed
as highway=unclassified are more likely to be farm service roads.

There are other issues in Wales too: we have no consistent way to approach
bilingual place & street names, and certainly in many places existing names
do not reflect the actual languages used locally (or for that matter in
some council data sets). Historically, we have always had a sparse
community of contributors in Wales, but it is an area with some excellent
initiatives and resources which make use of social media in fields close to
OSM: notably those coming from the National Library, such as Cymru 1914,
the Peoples Collection, and the 1900 place names site.

More engagement with people who live in, rather than visit, Wales would be
all to the good.


On 18 May 2015 at 12:25, Brian Prangle <bprangle at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hi everyone
> I got the following request from Rick Robinson (formerly of IBM who spoke
> at SotM 2013 and who is now IT Director, Smart Data and Technology for
> Amey and who is a keen supporter of OSM). It would be good to respond
> positively.
> *"I met recently with Amey’s account who perform work on the roads in
> Wales, and found a possible opportunity to collaborate with OpenStreetMap.*
> *Apparently, in order to inform the public about planned work on the
> roads, we publish information on the website – but according to feedback,
> it’s not used very much.*
> *We’re in the very early stages of planning to run a form of hackathon /
> ideas day to see how we could provide the information in a way that’s
> easier for people to engage with – we’re going to bring some of our own new
> graduate employees with social media skills into it, and work with the
> local digital community.*
> *Do you think that’s something OpenStreetMap would be interested to
> participate in?*"
> Regards
> Brian
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