[Talk-GB] too many universities in Cambridge

Dan S danstowell+osm at gmail.com
Thu May 21 21:39:28 UTC 2015

Hi all,

I don't relish bringing this up since it's a bit of a tangle, but I
noticed Cambridge has a lot more universities than I thought!
Apparently 1219, judging from the number of amenity=university tagged
objects. In real life I'm aware of two: Cambridge Uni, Anglia Ruskin

I think someone mentioned Cambridge Uni was using OpenStreetMap for
some of its maps,* so I'd be nervous about proposing anything radical
right now. But is there anyone on this list who is a Cambridge mapper,
or connected to the university's use of mapping? It's possible that
some team decided to use the tag to mark every college building (etc),
when really amenity=university is supposed to mark a university, not a
piece of a university.

To do it "properly" it might need some neat relations to group these
things. (Might be fun for someone who loves relations - various
multi-site and hierarchical connections among the buildings scattered
across town!) Alternatively there are tags in use such as
building=university which might be good drop-in replacements...


* They use OSM for their basemap: http://map.cam.ac.uk/ - I wonder if
they're getting their POI info from it too

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