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Hi Jerry, 

...or we identify use cases we want to handle (and thereby take a
conscious decision to "de-scope" other use cases), and ensure that our
model is fit for (our) purpose. Then map the "official" data model onto
the "internal" model. This mapping will probably be a one-way mapping,
i.e. it is unlikely to be possible to go from the (simplified) OSM model
back to the standard model in a reliable way. 

I found this paper (2003) which shows some more of the vagaries of the
system. There is a short section on BS7666. It's a few years old now so
things have moved on a bit, but I reckon a significant part still holds

http://www.knowedge.co.uk/Papers/Addressing_in_Britain.pdf [3] 



On 2015-05-30 10:00, SK53 wrote: 

> If the world is complicated it may be necessary to reflect that in the data model (or alternatively make the data model so general that complications are pushed to applications). I think the Royal Mail approach to addresses is already too Procrustean!
> However, there is a British Standard for addresses, which I'm told by those who know it well provides a high degree of flexibility for the numerous cases which do not reflect housenumber, supplement, street, place model.
> Jerry 
> On 29 May 2015 at 15:26, Colin Smale <colin.smale at xs4all.nl> wrote:
>> If anyone is interested in the data model used by Royal Mail in UK addresses, this will tell you loads: 
>> http://www.poweredbypaf.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/02/Latest-Programmers_guide_Edition-7-Version-6.pdf [1] 
>> Warning: you may find yourself uttering things in "rather unparliamentary language" when you read this. 
>> Contrast this with the Dutch address model: Street, Housenumber (numeric), Housenumber Extension (alphanumeric), Postcode (9999XX) and Town. Probably much the same in Belgium and Germany too. 
>> //colin 
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