[Talk-GB] Missing Nature Reserves: umap

SK53 sk53.osm at gmail.com
Mon Oct 5 14:54:57 UTC 2015

I've had a quick go using the Natural England & Scottish Natural Heritage
files to identify potentially missing (or missing bits of) Nature Reserves
in England & Scotland. (Welsh data is definitely not open).

All I did was check to see if the centroid of a nature reserve from one of
the national datasets fell inside an OSM polygon. Works most of the time,
but not for the odd funny shaped reserves. The files were polygons so
complex NRs which are missing appear multiple times (see St Kilda, Rum etc).

National Nature Reserves I've shown in red, Local ones in blue.

There are a few large ones which it should be easy to sort out (Richmond
Park for instance), but many others will require a bit of sleuthing to
identify their boundaries without using the shape files. Personally I'd
rather see boundaries based on surveys, particularly when the boundary
corresponds to other on-the-ground features.

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