[Talk-GB] Quarterly Project: Nature Reserves

Brian Prangle bprangle at gmail.com
Sun Oct 25 14:42:53 UTC 2015

I've looked at Jerry's umap ( great resource Jerry - can you update it at
the end of Oct so we can see progress with fewer blue and red dots?) and
the Natural England OpenData source and there seems to be a significant
amount of data inaccuracy in my local area: Solihull Council lists 21 LNRs
but the Natural England OpenData file has only about half that number. Is
it just a local issue or has anyone else found this as well?

Do we need to tag Natura 2000 SACs and SPAs?  I've looked at the
protected_area wiki page and quite frankly lost the will to live. From
looking at taginfo the tagging schema doesn't appear to be too popular in
the UK.


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