[Talk-GB] Quarterly Project: Nature Reserves

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Sun Oct 25 18:56:00 UTC 2015

On 25/10/2015 14:42, Brian Prangle wrote (in a slightly different order):

 > Do we need to tag Natura 2000 SACs and SPAs?  I've looked at the  
protected_area wiki page and quite
 > frankly lost the will to live.


I'm guessing that, a bit like rights of way, the tagging will sort 
itself out.  Actually working out the bounds of the reserve itself is 
the hard bit.

Only today I walked past one "welcome to Lathkill Dale NNR" sign, then 
at some point exited (no sign) and then entered again past a different 
"welcome to Lathkill Dale NNR" sign.  It's a familiar problem - I went 
path several signs on the south wales coast earlier this month whether 
one side of a reserve was clearly marked but the other wasn't.  You 
could I suppose align to walls, fences and hedges (and in extremis the 
sea), but in many cases there are several plausible possibilities for 
boundaries.  Sometimes there's a "sign at each corner" like at 
http://www.openstreetmap.org/way/53745064 , but it's rare.

 > and the Natural England OpenData source and there seems to be a 
significant amount of data inaccuracy in
 > my local area

Is that actually genuine, OS IP free, proper OGL licensed "Open" data?  
At the start of the month earlier in this thread Jerry commented:

 > There are Natural England datasets for National NRs, Local NRs and 
SSSIs. I think these are under OGL these
 > days, but like PRoW or Land Registry inspire data, they may 
incorporate OS MasterMap data, and I have
 > always treated them as not fully open.

I had assumed that Natural England datasets such as these (also access 
land, see 
) were at the very least not "whiter than white" for the reasons 
discussed in that thread.  Fine for a uMap to survey and monitor 
progress by, but not for OSM itself.

... and of course there's the issue of "a significant amount of data 
inaccuracy" in the available datasets that you mention, which is another 
issue entirely.



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