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Hey Brian,

Brian Prangle schrieb:
> Thanks for the simplification of that huge wiki down to 2 tags - I can
> cope with that!
> The protected planet website looks like a useful resource but
> unfortunately it has this copyright statement : © ProtectedPlanet
> 2014-2015. All rights reserved.  So we shouldn't use it.****So what do I
> use as a source for Natura 2000 status?
Another special NATURA 2000 viewer: <http://natura2000.eea.europa.eu/>

talk to the local municipality, the resort for nature care or a similar 
societies or non-governmentals.
Some governments provides protected-areas-website like: 
<http://www.geodienste.bfn.de/schutzgebiete/> with IUCN-categories**.

All Natura 2000 areas are for protect_class=97, for "protected by 
continental agreements":
the NATURA2000-network - Special Areas of Conservation (SAC) is builded 
or composed by
# Bird, ... -Sites - Special Protection Areas (SPAs),
# Habitats Sites - Sites of Community Importance (SCIs) and
# some marine environments
<http://ec.europa.eu/environment/nature/natura2000/index_en.htm>, in the 
wiki a "continental" protect-status.

*continental* (97) and *international* (98) status are centralised 
respectively to one protect_class to reduce the wikis complexity and 
because those status might be less important: they are mostly more 
"awards" than directives or rule-informations (these are on "lower" 
level areas). (Its still possible, bringing those status onto the 
protect_class too, may in the 70th or 80th numbers, but ...)

untill now, NATURA 2000-seperations (to SPAs, SCIs, marine) are 
possible, or allotted by "additional keys" like
# protection_title=* (Special Protection Area (SPA) - NATURA 2000 (SAC)),
# protection_object=* (birds),
any maybe ref-notations, in this format
# ref:ABBR:name=* + ref:ABBR:source=* + ref:ABBR:category=* + ref:ABBR=*
for example a wdpa-ID 
ref:WDPA=1234567 or more near "NATURA 2000" ref:SPA=UK123401
(its just suppose. There should be registers with the IDs of SACs 
(or/and SPAs, SCIs and marins) ... I'll look for a register ...

so in a web- or OSM-search, you might find "NATURA 2000 (SAC)" etc.. 
That is the point.
I just see, lots of user named the area just "NATURA 2000". Its no name 
and wrong on my view. Maybe it can follow the name, like: "Dunes of 
glory (NATURA 2000)"...

 > ... copyright statement ... All rights reserved
**btw.: On my view, the taxpayers are financing the WDPA ... and/but 
"Protected Planet was ... largely funded by investment from the private 
(<https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/World_Database_on_Protected_Areas>) - I 
think, belongs more to the website technc itself. And to the data: they 
hadn't OSM on their mind. ... I don't know. you can take their 
website-infos for a first orientation and than ask the municipality ... 
maybe even the ProtectedPlanet-maker are wrong sometimes, so you get 
more serious data.

UK Protected Site websites

> Also isn't the tag leisure=nature_reserve?
oh - a scatty annotation alongside me. sorry, yes, sure.
(because the "leisure" is more unfitting for me than "landuse" ... )


> Regards
> Brian
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> On 26 October 2015 at 12:23, tshrub
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> wrote:
>     Hey Brian,
>     Brian Prangle schrieb:
>         Do we need to tag Natura 2000 SACs and SPAs?  I've looked at the
>         protected_area wiki page and quite frankly lost the will to
>         live. From
>         looking at taginfo the tagging schema doesn't appear to be too
>         popular
>         in the UK.
>     someone from the UK should try to "familiarise" or incorporate
>     Britains tagging schema into the table?
>     <http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Tag:boundary%3Dprotected_area#Nature-protected-areas>
>     by areal access or action restictions, you have different types or
>     layers. For example: a SAC often emerged out of an (old) nature
>     reserve, so a SAC commonly covers and overlap(!) one. And those both
>     might again covered (partial) from another type...
>     you know that site: <http://www.protectedplanet.net/>
>     there are too britain areas and you can deviate protect_classes
>     a SAC would be
>     boundary=protected_area
>     + protect_class=97
>     for nature reserves
>     + protect_class=4
>     I still use in addition landuse=nature_reserve because of visualisation
>     regards,
>     tshrub
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