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tshrub my-email-confirmation at online.de
Thu Oct 29 15:31:49 UTC 2015

Hey Brian,

 > Hi tshrub

 > I looked at the WDPA licence
from that link, I think:

 > abd found this in it
 > The WDPA Materials may not be sub-licensed in whole or in part 
including within Derivative Works without the prior written permission 

 > Has anybody asked permission do you know?
I found in a first run that:

I just use single WDPA-data information (mostly IUCN-level).
In witch range you plan to use the data?

Ask the WDPA again ("WDPA_data_use_email_request"). The last request 
seems to be six years ago.
And ask, which data in which coverage or range - and what is explicit 

 > The OSM wiki page on WDPA is very well-written but makes no mention 
of whether the data is open for OSM purposes.
which page?

a german wikipedia WDPA-version tells *about* that:
The database is, inter alia, through a web based online interface 
accessible at all times and provides its data under the Conservation 
Commons to the general public. Nevertheless, there are further 
restrictions on use:
     the database will not be used commercially.
     The database or its use may not be licensed in any further way.
     If data material partially or completely used in publications, each 
of the current status needs to be used. Furthermore, the reference to 
the source is required and calls for the sending of two copies of the 
     For online information used one insists on putting a link to the 
database. [http://www.protectedplanet.net/terms. broken]

As registered users interested in data for further use of the database 
can be downloaded to their own systems. However, the ability to utilize 
these data sets, a geographic information system (GIS) and the 
interpretation of the KML format requires possibility

I'm no registered user.

 > Regards

 > Brian


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