[Talk-GB] Restoring a usable map service!

Steve Doerr doerr.stephen at gmail.com
Sat Oct 31 02:21:30 UTC 2015


In the short term, would substituting http://tile.openstreetmap.fr/ 
solve your rendering problems?


On 31/10/2015 02:09, Lester Caine wrote:
> OK ... what do we need to do to get a working UK map again?
> Bing and Google are almost useless, and the new indistinguishable
> rendering primary routes and motorways on OSM once everything finally
> re-renders are going to be useless as well. I've just spent another
> couple of hours trying to remember where I got to with the machine I've
> been trying to build here to provide just the UK and Ireland, but I'm
> going to have to go back to first principals and ignore the Nginx layer
> and go back to slow old Apache for the tile cache :(
> I know why the current tile servers can't handle more than one style,
> and in my book THAT was the first problem that needed fixing rather than
> forcing a complete new style sheet with no option to retain the current
> style in parallel. So what do we need to do to get a UK friendly service
> working?
> I would like to throw into the mix that it would make sense to me if a
> complete new rendering service also handled historic mapping as well
> which should be relatively easy to do if confined to just the UK, but I
> think we may need to be open to rendering more than just the UK?
> It's bad enough at the moment tying to cope with W10 being rammed into
> my clients systems and breaking perfectly good operational hardware,
> android apps changing various operating procedures in illogical ways,
> and the various 'browser improvements' resulting in even more legacy
> sites no longer working without also having to start reworking every map
> used across my client base. OSM is the only source that has much of the
> detail that I need to show, and retaining blue ad green road links is
> essential in my book ... and one of the reasons I started even
> developing with OSM.

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